We are at a critical moment in history, one that requires each of us to do more, to help each other and to be better. A growing chorus of voices is uniting to speak up about the pain, frustration, inequities, inequalities and racism that exists in Canada. At Figr, we stand in solidarity with all those seeking justice, raising the level of public discourse around racial discrimination, and inspiring positive change at all levels.

At the same time, we also acknowledge that the road to cannabis legalization has been a complicated and challenging one. We have seen many people unfairly penalized by punitive drug laws that have disproportionately impacted Black, Indigenous and marginalized communities. While we cannot change the past, we can’t shy away from it. We have a responsibility to advocate for positive drivers of change and to empower local communities. We believe in the power of small local acts to promote big change.

In an effort to act and be an agent of change, we have established The FIGR Fund. It’s a community investment initiative that aims to partner with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) owned and operated businesses across Canada, and businesses that support BIPOC communities. Through the Fund, Figr will purchase products and services from BIPOC businesses that will be distributed back into local communities, through the very businesses that the products or services are purchased from. The goal is to empower local entrepreneurs, promote the economic vitality of minority-owned small businesses, and serve as a supportive link to communities where access to products and services can play an important role in strengthening these communities.


  1. Nominate BIPOC businesses in Canada
  2. Figr will purchase products or services from a nominated business
  3. The selected business will distribute their products or services to their communities
  4. Repeat each month with a different business


  • August 4, 2020 August nominations open
  • August 11, 2020 Nominations close
  • August 19, 2020 Businesses selected and announced
  • September 3, 2020 September nominations open


  • The FIGR Fund aims to work with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) owned and operated businesses across Canada, and businesses that support BIPOC communities.
  • The nominations are open to businesses across any industry, however businesses are selected based on their ability to provide products or services that promote education or learning, develop a skill set, spread positivity, advocate for change and/or celebrate BIPOC culture and more.
  • All nominations will be reviewed for their ability to participate while remaining complaint to the Cannabis Act, the governing legislation for the cannabis industry.

Please complete the form below to nominate a business for The FIGR Fund

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