FIGR 101

We’ve curated five unique cannabis collections called “Go Sessions”. The sessions are: Go Easy, Go Chill, Go Steady, Go Play and Go Elevate. These Go Sessions feature high-quality strains that can pair well with a range of cannabis sessions, and include a variety of formats such as flower, pre-rolls, oils and vape cartridges.

Each Go Session has been curated based on the terpene profiles and aggregate consumer reviews of the strain. Whether you are meditating at home or going to a music festival we have a Go Session for you.

Our Figr number products are still available and have transitioned to our new Go products. If you’re looking for a particular product, see the chart below.

Figr No. 5 is now Go Steady CBD Shark
Figr No. 7 is now Go Chill Afghan Kush
Figr No. 8 is now Go Play Green Cush
Figr No. 10 is now Go Chill Sensi Star
Figr No. 14 is now Go Chill SL Kush
Figr No. 17 is now Go Steady Wappa
Figr No. 28 is now Go Elevate Kali Mist

We have two facilities where we grow cannabis, one in Charlottetown PEI and the other in Simcoe, Ontario. Our flower is grown in both facilities, but our oils and vapes are extracted exclusively at our PEI facility.

Our initial sales license was granted in 2016 when we began growing and selling medical cannabis. Our sales license was granted in 2017 and our cultivation license in 2016. In 2018, our recreational brand, Figr, was born and on October 17, our adult-use products became available for legal recreational use.

All of our products are grown with the character of 5th generation homegrown farmers and leans heavily on our previous 150+ years of growing experience.

We chose the name Figr as a nod to the popular P.E.I. saying “Go Figure” and a reflection of our local roots.

Farming Wisdom + Scientific Rigor is a part of who we are. We take pride in being small, having big ideas, and delivering on our reputation for producing high-quality strains.

We currently have a capacity of 45,000 Kgs.

Between our facilities in PEI and Ontario, we currently employ over 200 people and will continue to grow our team over time.

Our growing practices are sustainable. We leverage green technologies and state-of-the-art facilities to produce the most sustainable cannabis product possible.

Before you start, take a look at our Go Sessions. We’ve divided our cannabis across 5 collections: Easy, Chill, Steady, Play and Elevate to help you understand what makes each strain different, and which Figr products pair best with your next session.

We grow our cannabis for 12-14 weeks.

Figr uses the latest supercritical CO2 extraction technology in order to extract our products in a non-toxic, non-flammable and renewable way. This allows us to safely extract a wide range of cannabinoids from our flower when compared to other methods. Through our in-house supercritical extraction process, we’re able to transform flower into oil up to a concentration of 65-70% cannabinoids.

For our vapes, Figr uses a process called distillation which further refines the concentrates by purifying the concentrate in our vapes even further. As a result, this creates a distillate concentrate that is up to 90% THC and up to 95% pure cannabinoids.

FIGR is currently available in PEI, Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Newfoundland and Manitoba. FIGR will be coming to other provinces soon. Sign up with your email at the bottom of this page to get the latest information on future releases and everything else FIGR.

We always keep an eye on the future for new ways to innovate. If you’d like to stay up to date with us and get the latest information on our products, sign up with your email at the bottom of this page.

FIGRPRINT is our quality-assurance system that allows you to track your cannabis product from seed to market. It also provides verifiable, accurate and comprehensive knowledge of our products and methods in order to ensure confidence-inspiring product integrity and quality while empowering industry-leading business insights.

Visit the FIGRPRINT page on our website, then use the lot number found on the packaging your product to trace it back to the mother plant.

We ensure the highest quality standards by carefully tracking our cannabis throughout its lifecycle and by using our FIGRPRINT system to be transparent with the information we share with you.

Before leaving our facility, every product is tested for microbials, pesticides, heavy metals and cannabinoids by a third-party facility approved by Health Canada. In addition to this, all of our products are produced in a GMP level standard facility in order to ensure the utmost care and attention is allocated to the safety and consistency of Figr products.

As a licensed producer, we’re committed to extensive quality, safety and security requirements and follow very strict manufacturing standards, including third-party quality control testing and strict compliance with regulatory standards.

General Health & Safety Instructions and Warnings for all Figr products

Failure to follow these health and safety instructions and warnings may result in injury, illness and/or damage. Use products only as directed. Any different use or misuse of any Figr product is at your own risk.

Figr’s products may be harmful to health. They may contain high levels of THC, CBD, carbonyls, heavy metals and other substances and/or by-products that can cause impairment, may be addictive and/or may cause other immediate and long-term health effects, including allergic reactions and/or detrimental short- and long-term health effects (including but not limited to nausea, weakness, respiratory issues, pulmonary illness, cancer and death).

Start with low doses, and go slow. Do not drive or operate any heavy machinery after consuming Figr’s products. Products are intended only for adults or those of legal age. Products should be stored safely, and should not be left near children, pets or anyone else who could misuse and/or be injured by the products.

Products should not be consumed if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or if you have a medical condition or illness or are at any risk of such conditions or illnesses. Consult with a medical or healthcare professional before using Figr’s products if you are on any medication or have any condition or illness or are at any risk of any condition or illness.

Follow Health Canada’s guidance on using cannabis, available at:

Exercise extreme caution with use of all Figr products. Immediately discontinue use if you experience any adverse effects or other issues, and immediately seek medical attention if you have any concerns about your health.

Dispose of products safely and responsibly.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of Figr’s products, please contact Figr at +1 (902) 370-5500 or

Additional Health & Safety Instructions and Warnings for Figr PODS, Figr Battery and Figr 510 Cartridges

Use Master PODs and Craft cartridges within 1 month after being unboxed. Store PODs and cartridges in a dry, cool environment and avoid direct sunlight. Like all cannabis products, PODs and cartridges must be stored safely and kept away from children, pets and anyone else who could misuse and/or be injured by the products.

The short- and long-term health impacts of vaping are unknown. However, there is evidence that vaping can cause significant health effects (including but not limited to nausea, weakness, respiratory issues, pulmonary illness, cancer and death). Consult with a medical or healthcare professional before using the products if you are on any medication or have any condition or illness or are at any risk of any condition or illness.

Immediately discontinue use if battery, PODs or cartridges malfunction or if you experience any adverse effects or other issues. Contact a medical or healthcare professional for any medical concerns. Contact Figr at +1 (902) 370-5500 for any product-related questions at Tampering with or misusing the Figr Master device or components could cause burns, fire, explosions and other damage and adverse consequences. Do not refill the PODs or cartridges or attempt to repair or alter the products in any way.

Master PODS should not be used with other non-Figr products (incl. chargers, PODS, cleaners, etc.). Figr Master PODS and Craft cartridges should not be used if the vaporizer, POD/Cartridge/Atomizer or other components appear to be malfunctioning.

The liquid in the PODs and cartridges may be harmful if swallowed or otherwise used as not intended. If the PODs or cartridges leak or otherwise malfunction and the liquid is swallowed, immediately rinse mouth and contact a medical or healthcare professional. Dispose of the damaged POD or cartridge safely and responsibly.

Additional Health & Safety Instructions and Warnings, including but not limited to for Figr 510 Cartridges:

The types and amounts of substances to which a person can be exposed by vaping is affected by, among other things:

  • battery power
  • type of vaping device
  • settings on the device, including temperature and power
  • combination of internal components
  • vaping liquid
  • user behaviour patterns
  • user experience with vaping


Higher power settings (which result in, among other things, higher temperatures) can produce chemicals, including carbonyls and/or other by-products, and/or increased levels of such substances, that increase the risk of harmful effects. If there is any uncertainty regarding the power settings or other characteristics of the battery being used, consult with the manufacturer or retailer of the battery to ensure that the battery is appropriate for use with Figr’s 510 cartridges.

If, at any time, you have any questions or concerns about any of Figr’s products, please contact Figr at +1 (902) 370-5500 or